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Good afternoon guys!
As promised i am back again to introduce you today to the 'Streaming'section of our website.  
This section of our website is dedicated to showcasing Independent Music Artists tracks that are featured in our Soundcloud group 'Top Independent Talent'
You can also come and submit your tracks if you think there up to par with the rest of the group? You can also gain access to this playlist via the mobile website by clicking on the QR Code below and clicking on ‘Streaming’.
As you will be able to tell from listening below, all the tracks featured in this group are of a very high quality either lyrically, sonically, melodically.. or all of the above.
Be the judge for yourself:
Just click the following link to go to the group: 
All good right? Would i lie?
Tracks will continue to be added to this playlist and we hope you come and contribute as well? Again, if you would like to submit your tracks, just click on the group link: Top Independent Talent on Soundcloud
Thanks again for heading over. We got some great interviews lined up for you already so please come back to check out who is up first?
Talk to you all again soon!
Cleaus N.Browne
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